Top Reasons To Buy Pelican Bay Naples Florida Golf Course Real Estate

If you are not yet situated in a golfing community, and you have seen advertisements for Pelican Bay you may want to purchase real estate at this pristine golf club. It is a coastal community, giving you incredible views of the Gulf of Mexico, allowing you to also play on the golf courses that they have available, and also get access to every amenity that is there. Here are a few of the many reasons that people love this location, a golf country club community that is considered to be one of the best in all of Naples according to

Why Is This Golf Club So Popular?

There are many reasons that people will prefer living here over all of the other golf clubs in Naples. First of all, it is very close to the Gulf of Mexico, and adjacent waterways, which creates the perfect scenario for people that love golf in the water. You can see the mangrove forest preserve which is close by, and there are both homes and condominiums. Many people that have been in Naples probably remember that it was called Clem Bay by the Collier family that originally established this community. You get access to the golf and country club, one that has been active for well over three decades. There are social events, special events, and an array of sporting events that you can attend if you are a resident and member. However, most people are interested in playing golf if they are in Naples and this particular community has three golf courses that are both challenging and exquisite. Find out more about this on shannon – Pelican Bay Open Houses.

The Golf Courses That Pelican Bay

First of all, there is a 40,000 square foot country club that you get access to called The Club Pelican Bay. This has right around 500 members. Most of the people that are members are residents of this community, and you get access to the three nine-hole golf courses. These were designed by Arthur Hills, as many of them are in the Naples area. This gives you a total of 27 holes as part of your membership. This will include The Club Pelican Bay Golf Course, the Estates at the Colony Golf Course, plus another to keep you entertained.

What Do You Get With Your Golf Membership?

Your golf membership is going to cost $100,000, perhaps more by the time of this writing. You will pay membership fees and dues for not only golf but participating in the social gatherings. Single-family homes start at over $1 million and can cost around $20 million for some of the best estates. Condominiums are a much less expensive option, allowing you to move in at just under $500,000, but can extend all the way up over $10 million for a single condo. It is an elite golf club, designed for those that like the absolute best. It’s also the perfect place for people that want to have oceanside property in the midst of a golf community.

Benefits And Amenities You Get Access To

The list of advantages that you get as a member of Pelican Bay starts with the 80 acres of park and recreational areas. You can do bike riding, running, or just slow jogging to take in the beauty of the area. There are wellness programs, plus you can do kayaking and swimming. You can play tennis, and participate at the community center. At the very these, you will be able to head over to the beaches once you are done with your game of golf to enjoy the day. It is a pristine place, giving you such a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico, plus some of the best condominiums in homes that can be found throughout Naples.

How Do You Find Out About Homes And Membership

This community has 4000 or more homes, so there is always something coming up for sale. People don’t live here their entire life, and therefore you can speak with a local realtor that can introduce you to properties that are currently being sold. You can set appointments to look at them, and also get a tour of the beautiful facilities. It is one of the best in Naples, and you will certainly not be disappointed by the condos or homes that will be offered from time to time from this community.

You can contact a realtor to learn more about Pelican Bay homes, plus ask about membership options. It just depends on what type of community you would like to live in. If you are looking for something very close to the water, plus access to more than one golf course, this is certainly a great place to consider. The combination of luxury homes and the pristine area in this part of Naples will motivate most people to find a way to live here.